What is a Typical Sojourn Day?

1.    Meet your paddling companions at the appointed rendezvous for registration and a catered breakfast. Our livery and shuttle service will then take care of the rest.
2.    Before getting on the water, everyone attends the mandatory safety briefing by our guides, who are members of the National Canoe Safety Patrol.
3.    Follow our river guides and enjoy the companionship of fellow sojourners.
4.    Paddle a few riffles, Class I rapids, and occasional Class II rapids.
5.    Enjoy the lunch provided.
6.    Learn about nature, recreational opportunities, history, and conservation from our naturalists, historians, and environmental educators.
7.    Each day, we typically paddle about 10 miles at a moderate touring pace.
8.    Gather for dinner and an evening program on nature, culture, history, or river issues.
9.    Enjoy campfire camaraderie or evening entertainment.
10.  Pitch a tent and sleep to the sounds of the river.